Many of the UK’s greatest historic buildings are in constant need of repair, restoration and cleaning. Given the historic nature of the nation, it’s right that the country should be at the leading edge of building cleaning technology.

Modern building cleaning methods have improved greatly, allowing historic houses, palaces, castles and churches to be cleaned without doing damage to the underlying structure.

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to use abrasive cleaning methods to strip away a layer of dirt, also leading to some stone or masonry being damaged at the same time.

We now demand cleaning methods that are considerably more sensitive to the historic buildings concerned. Carrying out cleaning work without considering the structure of the building is unacceptable. Party Wall Surveying Experts Wymondham – Local and Cost efficient

Looking at the results being achieved by cleaning companies here in the UK, it’s encouraging to see that many of them have been in making great strides in attempting to find a new approach to the problem of cleaning historic buildings.

A company called EcoLogic Systems have been at the forefront of cleaning and renovation work in the UK. They use a system that ensures that the obtain some stunning cleaning results, without doing damage to the building or monument that is being cleaned.

The key to their success appears to be that the use a non-abrasive methodology. The EcoLogic system still achieves excellent cleaning results, but manages to do so without damaging the building’s architecture.

By placing the emphasis firmly on using environmentally friendly methods, they’ve been able to achieve results of a high standard.

Their reputation has been spreading quickly, with the company winning contracts to work with a number of local councils in the UK. It’s to be hoped that many more building cleaning service providers follow their lead.

Historic buildings offer an important opportunity for many of us. It would be a great shame if there are not maintained in the manner that they deserve.