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It Is A Family Matter

Saul holds a master’s degree in tropical agriculture and has spent the most of his professional career working in the Third World in assistance and development, a long cry from reclaiming the past. Jade had journalism training and worked as a journalist prior to joining Saul in Africa. Together, they have established English Salvage as the best-stocked salvage yard in the United Kingdom, with a global reputation. A great deal of effort has gone into developing the business, which has evolved into an extraordinary design and architectural resource for the exceptional and the rare. The duo spends a lot of time on purchasing excursions and has an unusual ability to predict the next major trend.  https://faulknersurveyors.co.uk/


Andre is the manager and sales director. He is the level-headed and systematic one who keeps the team together and ensures that all tasks are completed! He has worked with English Salvage the longest and is intimately familiar with the yard stock.

The Internet Site

We collaborated with web developers to create this stunning and user-friendly website that reflects the varied nature of the business and highlights the great supply. Our talented studio photographers are faced with the difficult chore of shooting every object that enters the yard, from the smallest to the largest! We take pleasure in our website and believe that English Salvage is the only yard that lists ALL of its inventory. The website is updated daily, a labour of passion on Rodney’s part.

The Office

Carlie assists Andre with sales and is in charge of shipping and delivery. She is a pleasant voice on the other end of the phone and a respected part of staff.

The Yard

Every day, we have items as tiny as a key to as huge as an entire structure enter and exit the yard. The logistics involved in storing, collecting, and delivering goods should not be overlooked. We have an incredible crew that works tirelessly to keep up with Saul and Jades’ compulsive purchasing, as well as the packaging and shipping of our ongoing sales. Our diligent yard team endures the beautiful British weather on a daily basis. Nina, the yard manager, leads the workforce, assisted by Cade.

Members of the family

With three of Saul and Jades’ four children being adults, they enjoy participating as much as possible in the family company. Carlie graduated from Durham University with a degree in sports and immediately joined the family company, where he works wherever he is required. In his leisure time, he is working on a sports-related application that he intends to launch in the near future. Millie holds a business degree from Lancaster University and is a marketing specialist; she created our social media strategy and manages a number of our social media sites. She is about to go on a journey to Africa to work for a nonprofit that supports little enterprises. She will continue to manage our social media sites from abroad, thanks to the marvels of the internet. Rodney is a Durham University physics student with a passion for rugby. He may be spotted every holiday putting his muscles to good use around the yard.