Cleaning Historic Buildings

Many of the UK’s greatest historic buildings are in constant need of repair, restoration and cleaning. Given the historic nature of the nation, it’s right that the country should be at the leading edge of building cleaning technology. Modern building cleaning methods have improved greatly, allowing historic houses, palaces, castles and churches to be cleaned […]

Why Rendering Is Important For Retail Design

Intense competition in the retail industry drives increased levels of performance across the board, and a key impetus to success in this industry is the visual appeal and functionality of retail outlets. Detailed and attractive 3D rendered images, or computer-generated images (CGI), especially those created with the help of Building Information Modelling (BIM) can have […]

Why You Need Call Reporting Software

Industrialization has given a sharp rise to the tertiary sector in the UK, which included booming of the service sector and call centers in the country. Companies started reaching out through their call centers for communicating with their customers for selling, up-selling, and client servicing. This growth led to the enormous increase in the contact […]

The Property Block: A Legend in the UK Housing Industry

In recent times, there has been a lot of news of encroachment of green areas to build homes, a lack of affordable homes in the UK, etc. All of this points to a crisis in the UK Housing Industry. However, there are a few who have revolutionized the industry. One of them, the Property Block, […]