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Terms And Conditions

Dynamo Admin (also known as ES) sells all commodities subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

The Condition, the Age, and the Dimensions

The majority of the things we offer and supply are recovered or salvaged and so show signs of past use. While we make every attempt to educate customers about the overall condition of the things we offer, it is ultimately up to the client to determine if the condition, quality, and function of the goods are acceptable for the intended purpose and usage. If you are unsure, you must inform ES at the time of purchase.

All ages indicated are approximations based on our information at the time of sale. All specified measurements, areas, volumes, and weights are approximations. We reserve the right to employ either the imperial or metric systems.


Where feasible, ES will provide information on the history of reclaimed objects, but cannot guarantee its correctness, and no reliance should be put on it.


Any prices listed are subject to change without notice. All prices are stated in British Pounds Sterling.

Payment Terms

Before products may be collected or delivered, they must be paid in full, including VAT.

Payments can be made using a variety of methods, including selected debit and credit cards, direct bank transfer, and cash. Cheques are accepted, however products will not be issued until payment is received in full. Dynamo Admin reserves the right to deny payment for certain types of transactions.

Title Retention

Until complete payment is made for the goods delivered by us, they remain the property of Dynamo Admin.


Subject to applicable legislative limits, no condition or guarantee is offered or implied with respect to the quality, life, wear, or appropriateness of any such items delivered.

Goods Reservations

At our discretion, items may be booked without a deposit for a short length of time. Dynamo Admin retains the right to promote and sell the item on reserve indefinitely. We will typically advise a potential buyer if we intend to sell an item on reserve in order to provide the customer the opportunity to purchase the item, but this is not guaranteed.

If a deposit is required at the time of reservation, a time frame for final payment will typically be agreed upon with the purchaser at the time of reservation, and will not often exceed two weeks. If full payment is not received within the agreed upon time frame, the deposit is deemed forfeit.


All mentioned or expected timings, timetables, and delivery dates are approximate.

Custom-Made or Alternately Manufactured Goods

When things are manufactured, changed, or repaired for a customer, full payment is typically demanded prior to beginning work. Returns on such products will not be accepted.


Once products have been paid for, they may be kept free of charge at Dynamo Admin’s discretion for a specified duration, often not exceeding two weeks. While we will make every effort to keep these things secure, the customer bears the risk. After the free storage period has expired, Dynamo Admin reserves the right to collect storage costs or, if the products stay on our property for more than six months without prior consent, to resell the item without refunding the purchaser.


Prior to delivery, any discounts must be confirmed in writing. Discounts will be void if payment is made late.

Utilization of Goods

The consumer must convince himself that the things he has bought are acceptable for the intended usage. We thus notify you that none of our personnel are authorised to advise or suggest the appropriateness or otherwise of any product or products, and we will not be liable for any harm or loss caused directly or indirectly by any wrong or insufficient advice or recommendation. All items are sold ‘as-is’.

Items involving electricity and gas

Unless otherwise noted, any products sold that contain gas or electrical components or are intended for use with such systems are sold as junk. We will not inspect or warrant the wiring. Electrical lighting and other equipment must be completely inspected, rewired, and installed by a licenced electrician.

Deliveries and Subsequent Losses

Delivery will be charged separately and will be quoted.

While we will make every effort to meet any delivery date specified, we will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any delay in the delivery, completion, or performance of any contract, and any delivery date specified shall not constitute a contractual term or representation. If we are unable to furnish or deliver the items requested, we agree to return any money paid for such goods but shall have no other obligation. In no case shall we be liable for incidental or consequential damage or loss.

Unless otherwise agreed with the client, delivery shall be to the nearest kerbside. Unless otherwise specified in writing, delivery does not include unpacking, relocating the items once they have been offloaded, product positioning, or any other manhandling of the goods. For bigger products that cannot be unloaded using the delivery lorry’s offloading capacity, the buyer is responsible for providing suitable unloading facilities at his or her expense. The purchaser shall supply all labour and/or equipment necessary for offloading. The client or their designated agent is solely responsible for implementing suitable health and safety precautions (s). No liability is accepted for consequential or future damages arising in any way from the use of any materials or items supplied.

Transportation of Goods, Receipt and Inspection

All goods sent by ES through carrier, courier, post office, or other methods must be examined upon delivery for damage or shortages. Any damage or shortage must be noted as damaged on the carrier’s delivery note, and ES must be contacted promptly by phone, verified in writing, email, or fax. After that time period, ES will not be liable for any damage reported.

Certain products, such as glass or extremely breakable objects, cannot be insured for carriage; as a result, carriage is at the purchaser’s responsibility, and we cannot be held liable for any breakages. Having said that, we will always do our best to pack products properly and securely to avoid damage during shipping.


The overwhelming majority of the items we sell are salvaged, reclaimed, or antique. It is the exclusive responsibility of the buyer to determine if the condition, quality, and function of any items are fit for the purpose for which they were purchased.

You will then have seven days to return the products for a full refund, except the cost of return transportation. Following that, any refunds will be at the discretion of ES. In the instance of online or telephone purchases, when the client has not personally checked the items, the consumer must tell ES of their desire to cancel within 14 days of receiving the goods. They have an additional 14 days to return the items after notifying Dynamo Admin.

Items will be accepted for return only if they are in the same condition, quality, and quantity as when they were delivered. Items that have been installed, used, or changed in any manner, shape, or form will not be accepted for return.

The client is responsible for the expense of returning products.


Unless otherwise specified, all prices include a 20% VAT where applicable.

Some (but not all) of the recovered products sold by ES are sold under the Margin Scheme for Second-Hand Goods, which requires ES to pay VAT on the difference between the purchase and selling prices; in these instances, the purchaser cannot claim VAT. Where this is the case, a M symbol will appear on the invoice.

Any items sold to enterprises in EC member countries will be billed VAT-free if the customer is VAT registered in the country of destination and can provide a current VAT registration number. Otherwise, a 20% VAT will be charged.

Any items provided to non-EU countries will be VAT exempt upon production of export documentation, such as a Certificate of Shipment.


The prices stated are in British Pounds. We may provide the approximate equivalent in other currencies, but we only take payments in sterling, and it is the consumer’s responsibility to convert their currency to the right sterling amount; any currency conversion fees incurred by the purchaser are the purchaser’s responsibility.

Loss of Consequences

ES disclaims any liability for consequential damage or additional costs incurred as a result of the usage of new or reused materials provided by ES.

Contract Law

Any contract entered into will be governed by English Law and will be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of English Courts.